As its name, it is gray marble with signature thin white veining, its elegant and urbane aesthetic lends itself easily to the modern home, which could be one of the best choice for projects according to trend on marble markets globally.

Because of this marble quarry structure, most of the mined blocks have short height and these blocks are very suitable for cross cut.

Slab and tile are available in finishes like natural, honed, polished, calibrated, brushed, sandblasted and tumbled in hand-cut or machine-cut edges.
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For processing this stone it is better to use the epoxy with lower viscosity on the back of the stone. That will help much infiltrate in stone cracks which leads to smooth surface,
And it is highly recommended that for better result on epoxy infiltrate, sandblast the slab mildly before applying the epoxy, which leads to increasing surface infiltrate. And applying net should be 75 gr/sqm
After providing smooth surface on the back of slab, scotch brush should be used to empty spaces on front surface of the slab and next step is applying epoxy on the front surface and perform stone polish.