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We are a natural stone company that supplies and exports high-quality Iranian natural stones, including Onyx, Marble, Granite, limestone, and Travertine available in Block, Slab and Tile.

We at FRC Stone, source different stones directly from quarries and process them at our contracted natural stone factories all over Iran. The processed natural stones are available in finishes like natural, honed, polished, calibrated, brushed, sandblasted and tumbled in hand-cut or machine-cut edges. Our accurate supply process ensures that we get the best of quality material without spending much on transportation; thus enabling us to offer high-grade stone products at competitive rates.

All available in Blocks, Slabs and Tiles.

FRC Stone huge inventories of stone products are carried in large quantities so we can ensure availability

Quality Assuarance

FRC Stone supply team guarantees that you will receive right product, we provide you right and comprehensive information before any shipment, as a part of your supply chain we know that your satisfaction would be the key for our success.

Quarry owner and Represents more than 100 Quarries in Iran

Come in a wide array of colors and patterns to suit any design style and project.

Couldn’t find your desired Natural Stone?

FRC Stone supply team can provide you information about any Iranian natural stone according to your desired color and texture. Contact us and enjoy our services.

FRC Stone Know customer’s requirement

Over the time, we have managed to develop strong and healthy relations with factories/suppliers across Iran and can source any stone or related products at the lowest possible price. Our competency lies down in our ability to clearly understand the customer’s requirement and convincingly fulfill it in a way that would certainly bind client to recommend us and deal with us time and again in future.

Help Customer to Select Best

We offer a host of services to our customers that ranges from helping customers to select the right stone, quality control, timely deliveries, fast and transparent communication to shipment assistance and quick resolutions of customers’ issues.


Fair Responsible Consultant

FRC founded in 1963 is a family owned private company with over four generations of experiences and now one of the oldest, largest and fastest growing organization in country and region.
Trust us and we will carry out your orders, professionally and with highest integrity.
Our Commitment to Service, Quality & Value: We recognize that our customers are individual companies with unique and distinctive needs, striving against their own competition for success and survival. It is clear that in order to succeed, we must raise our expectations of quality, performance and mutual support. Companies involved in trade, whether buyers or sellers, are composed of individuals with requirements and opinions that matter.
We know that we are judged by performance so we strived to be trusted.


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Fair Responsible Consultant

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